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FIRST Tech Challenge SDK 9.01 released Sept 29, 2023

Setting up Android Studio and Github

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We use our own custom-made 3D-printed slide caps, that are one structural part. These slide caps are completely unique and went through seven different iterations to get to the current design.

This season, we opted for a smaller robot that could drive between the poles faster. Our robot is very light and minimalistic, allowing for fast movement and high maneuverability.

We use cascade stringing for the lift, allowing for parallel string travel. The lift is optimized to prevent string catching and to reduce the robot’s weight.

It helps us align our robot with the poles during teleoperation. It allows for faster cycle times.

One reason the robot is so controlled is many of the scoring functions, such as lifting and servo rotation, are automated to go to the correct height and orientation with a single button press.  Driving speed is achieved by lots of practice.  For tele-op, the mecanum code is pretty standard code which combines left stick as robot direction and right stick turning.

We use color sensors to detect the poles and tape. We also use odometry to know our position on the field.

We have a 4+1 auto where we score the preloaded cone and 4 more off the stack.

In teleoperation, we can cycle over 13 cones.